13 ominous ‘visions’ of late 21st-century futuristic cities by French artist Paul Chadeisson

Paul Chadeisson_artwork_8

According to Paul Chadeisson’s own vision –

The surveillance society has been accepted by the citizens themselves in exchange for a few technological benefits. It is a reality that no-one thinks of challenging anymore.

The aircraft and the droid standing by the roof aptly alludes to this ponderous scope.

Paul Chadeisson_artwork_9

This image clearly portrays the vast ambit of a nameless future city with its myriad of dedicated sectors, surveillance towers and strictly-controlled urban neighborhoods.

Paul Chadeisson_artwork_10

The secular mausoleum of Panthéon, Paris is overshadowed by unsightly buildings that are seemingly connected by paraphernalia of misshapen wires.

Paul Chadeisson_artwork_11

Augmented reality, memory manipulation and seedy bars – all go hand in hand in the metropolises of the late 21st century.

Paul Chadeisson_artwork_12

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, anyone?!

Paul Chadeisson_artwork_13

From the scale of deformed earthscape we move on to the scope of gargantuan space – with behemoth structures of the major cities rising from the clouds into the vast amplitude of “no man’s sky”.

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