Modscape’s conceptual ‘Cliff House’ poses as a real cliffhanger!

Modscape_Cliff House

A couple came across the romantic notion of having a snug shelter in one of those secluded, ocean-hugging zones in the province of Victoria, Australia. Design firm Modscape Concept gave them something more fantastical in the form of the aptly (and rather unpretentiously) named Cliff House. The extreme layout of the abode entails a ‘suspended’ 5-storey structure that was supposedly inspired by the disparate forms of barnacles that judiciously cling on to ship hulls. In regard to this ‘organic’ influence, the residence according to the architects, is envisaged as a modernistic extension of the cliff, rather than an obtrusive synthetic construction.

As for the seemingly gimmicky nature of the structure itself, there is more to the scope than that meets the eye. The visual flurry of a suspended building can feel a tad highfalutin – but the designers assure us that the modular construction would utilize Modscape’s unconventional techniques. That would not be a far fetched call, given the studio’s expertise in the field of pre-fabrication. Moreover, the positioning of the Cliff House will also play a crucial role in how the building copes with the uneven undulations of the cliff facade.

Modscape_Cliff House_2

Coming to the spatial arrangement of the vertically expansive dwelling, the rooms as expected would be stacked upon each other, and connected via a lift mechanism. The circulation pattern would obviously take an opposite route, with the primary access point located at the top-most floor (which is also a garage). All of these spaces will showcase minimalism in terms of furnishings – so as to accentuate that intangible connection between the perched shelter and the vast yet adjacent ocean.

However, what really sparks our interest is the lowest level of the Cliff House that sorts of opens into a balcony – a perfect place to get a whiff of salt, air and perhaps water sprays. All in all, a wondrous setting that does mirror the designers’ goal of creating a novel spatial ambiance that would be the ‘piece de resistance’ of the design.

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All images are courtesy of Modscape.

Via: Neatorama

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