The enormous 82-feet Moon Rabbit naps atop an abandoned airport hangar in Taiwan

Moon Rabbit_Taiwan

Leaning against an aircraft hangar at an abandoned naval base in the Taoyuan County of Taiwan is a gargantuan rabbit, measuring up to 82-feet( 25-meter) in height. Created for the Chinese Mid-Autumn  Festival, this impressive white bunny, a.k.a. the Moon Rabbit, is what is attracting thousands of visitors from across the world.

Moon Rabbit-Taiwan_2Dutch artist and sculptor Florentijn Hofman, famous for his gigantic yellow rubber duck that achieved international success back in 2007, is the master creator behind the enormous Moon Rabbit.

Crafted using recyclable materials such as synthetic rubber, wood and waterproof paper, the humongous bunny is seen napping against an antiquated airplane hangar inside the Taoyuan Naval Aviation Base. Hofman was invited by the Taiwanese Government to design a sculpture for the Taoyuan Land Art Festival, to be held between September 9 and 14. The celebrations will also include the annual  three-day Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival. The giant art installation is based on the story of the moon rabbit, a major figure of the Chinese folklore that plays an important role in the festival as well. According to the myth, the rabbit was sent by the gods to reside on the moon as a result of his unselfishness and benevolence.

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To learn more about the artist and his creations, click here.

Image credits: WWW.News.CN

Via: Focus Taiwan

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