The genius Oreo Dunking Spoon to solve your cookie dunking woes

Oreo Dunking Spoon_3

Simple and ingenious – this in a nutshell defines the Oreo Dunking Spoon. A device that is intrinsically attached to an entire generation of pop-cultural references, the contrivance might very well entice new ‘users’ to try out possibly the best commercial cookie of all time.

The plastic utensil (which is BPA Free, Phthalates Free and Lead Free) is shaped in such a way so that its curved portion can fit snugly within the two Oreos. So, now you can dunk the ‘collective’ cookie into the wholesomeness of milk, without having to worry about the possible repercussions. Yes, repercussions like the ‘soft’ cookie wholly falling into the milk and making a mess of your wondrous snack time.

Oreo Dunking Spoon_1

And, if the paranoid skeptic inside you is still bothered about those baleful chemical reactions between plastic and milk, worry not. The product is marked as being completely food safe by meeting the highest FDA standards.

So, if you are sufficiently enticed by those delectable sessions of Oreos and a glass of milk, do give a gander at this Amazon link. And, lest we forget, the Oreo Dunking Spoon is available in three differently vibrant colors.

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Via: ThisisWhyImBroke

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