US Army now boasts of a photon cannon that can be directed by an Xbox controller!

HEL MD_xbox_controller_1

No, this is not any fictional scenario of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that we are talking about. As it turns out, the United States Army has collaborated with Boeing’s defense and security division on developing a brand new Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) that is capable of emitting a highly focused beam of energy. For all intents and purposes, it is big laser cannon, and its christening rather suggests that – with a bad-ass name of High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD).

But that is not even the groovy part. The really cool side of the technology-fueled affair is the that this cannon can be operated with the help of the familiar Xbox controller. This is how it works – while one of the men drives the truck (along which the HEL MD is mounted), the other person sits snugly with his laptop and an Xbox controller. This simple connected system is used to lock on to targets, and presumably take it out.


So what exactly are the potential targets of this advanced piece of weaponry? Well, according to the engineers, the HEL MD has the capacity to emanate a 10-kilowatt energy laser from the mobile vehicle – which is enough to take out incoming missiles and mortar shells. However, the Boeing scientists are looking forth to develop an even potent version that could fire up 50 to 60-kilowatt laser that can easily dismantle (or at least disperse) high-range missiles and UAVs.

And, in case some of you are already exercising your eye-brows, the HEL MD has gone beyond the conceptual stage, and made its prototype debut in the realm of reality. To that end, the developers having been dabbling with the advanced weapon in rigorous weather conditions in Florida, to test its operational ‘mettle’.

Check the video below to get a more fair idea about the futuristic weapon (courtesy of Boeing) –

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Via: Gamespot

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