Earth’s real map transformed into a Star Wars-esque setting, with ‘Space Station Earth’

Space Station Earth_1

Proudly showcasing the end-times of futurism (as presented in various sci-fi tropes), when humans would most probably live out their entire lives aboard gargantuan spaceships; a resourceful geek named Eleanor Lutz has given a wondrous twist to our Earth’s topographical representation. The incredible end result is the ‘Space Station Earth’, a map which shows real earth locations in their futuristic avatars as ‘strategic points’ on a massive space station – much like the exalted Death Star.

The fascinating creations were made with an aid of an online software Mapbox Studio. According to the grapevine, this nifty app is used by major companies around the world (like Facebook) to showcase their brand-fueled custom-made maps that stand out from the rest. Well, Lutz has also taken advantage of this unique rendering capacity to exhibit her flair and aptitude in space cartography, which is inspired by a series of science fiction franchises, including Battlestar Galactica, Matrix and even the renowned StarCraft universe.

Space Station Earth

What really tickled our fancy was how the small touches transform the map into a sinister, Dystopian work of art. For example, the cities are impersonally marked as ‘colonies’, while the water bodies have been deftly rubbed off to make way for space backdrops.

So, if you are sufficiently enticed by Lutz’s vision of our future, do take a gander at the Mapbox’s Space Station Earth variant.

Space Station Earth_1

Via: Gizmodo

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