Kino Guerin designs ingeniously-shaped wood furniture, twisted artfully into knots

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It is as if furniture Canada-based designer Kino Guerin plays music with wood. His signature style involves artfully twisting inflexible, and somewhat unyielding, segments of wood into beautifully rounded curls, to produce stunning furniture pieces, with incredibly fluid, organic designs. Working alongside his wife Elyse, this multiple-award winning artisan seeks to establish a kind of equilibrium in each of his creations – between straight and curved lines, between the aesthetic appeal and the practical utility of the objects, and also in his choice of raw materials.


Guerin’s repertoire includes a wide variety of skilfully-crafted furniture items, such as tables, shelving units and so on. In order to create these beautifully-bent products, the designer combines separate layers of zebra and noble woods or wenge and walnut veneers with industrially curved plywood, via a process called vacuum press lamination. The master woodworker, with over 19 years of experience, himself elaborates on  his artistic inspiration and intention, when he says:

I capture the nature of life through bending wood. For me, it is like taking a picture of a body in motion. By fixing a movement for eternity, it shows how existence is fragile and powerful.



The Why Knot Series of furniture

Kino Guerin wood benchWorth $3960, the Why Knot Bench is an incredibly modern take on the conventional furniture designs. It features a smooth seating area, that is supported by means of an intricate wooden knot at one end.

Why-Knot-Coffee-Table-by-Kino-GuerinSimilarly priced is the Why Knot coffee table, constructed using bent poplar, with smoked oak veneer. With regards to the innovative-designed Why Knot furniture series, Guerin explains:

It must reflect equilibrium between the curve and the straight line, between exuberance and purity. The whole essence of this aesthetic approach can thus be captured at a glance and let one speechless at the sight of this splendid beauty, requiring no props or devices. It is my definition of perfection.

The Apple Table

Kino-Guerin-Apple-Table Inspired by the shape of a partially eaten apple Guerin has created the impressive The Apple Table, whose beautifully modern, yet authentically organic design will no doubt leave you mesmerized. The $1750 side table is fashioned using laminated plywood, covered with wenge and Amazaque veneers.

Apple TableSimilarly designed is the $2300 worth Crocus Console Table, made from bent laminated birch plywood and then coated with earthy colored wenge and zebrawood veneers.

The Nebula Table

Nebula Table

Next comes the Nebula Wood Console table, available at $2600. Crafted from curved laminated birch with a plush rosewood veneer finish, this wall-mounted table will indeed a fashionable addition to your living room.

The Toboggan Series

Kino Guerin_2

The Toboggan series consists of a long wooden coffee table, priced at $2050 and a bench constructed using laminated Luan plywood, finished with wenge and zebrawood veneers.


Double Twist Shelf


wood_shelf_lTypical of Guerin’s design style, the Double Twist wall-mounted shelf features elegantly curved wooden curls at both its ends. Crafted from superior-quality birch plywood, this innovatively designed modern shelving unit, sold at $2500, is then covered with walnut veneer.

Taking about Guerin’s expertise in breathing new life into otherwise passive pieces of wood, Michael Monroe, the Director of Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington, says:

Kino Guerin is a master at bending a rigid material to get this beautiful flow and movement. It is not easy to do. These pieces look as if they are effortless, but they are technically very hard. He creates an elegance. A beautiful, lyrical flow. There is nothing common about these pieces. Kino Guerin distinguishes himself from everyone else making furniture today.

Other products include the c Shelf, the S Shelf and the Iconic Wood Table. Interested buyers can check the following website.

Via: LifeStyle Fancy

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