Roxy Paine’s ‘The Denuded Lens’ collection of wooden artworks depicts complex machinery

The Denuded Lens_Roxy Paine

Wood is intricate – this small statement aptly defines artist Roxy Paine’s baffling collection of wooden artworks that are surely to exercise many eyebrows from around the world. This time not from skepticism or annoyance, but rather from astonishment at the impressive levels of craftsmanship.

As we can make out from the images, the maple-made artworks showcase the detail and volume of complex machinery in all their breathtaking glory. The collection is titled as ‘The Denuded Lens’, and comprises of contraptions like an airport security checking system and an immaculately fashioned engine mechanism.

The Denuded Lens_Roxy Paine_1

Interestingly, for the artist, the use of wood is all about the antithetical scope of control and non-control. This is what he had to say about his exhibit (to It’sNiceThat blog) –

Machines act as industrial agents, but also as a physical manifestation of a mechanism of control. My machines utilize and contradict rules and norms of the factory and mass production. All of them seek to locate the moment in time and the place where control becomes non-control and where control becomes randomness. They also seek to find the place where sameness and uniqueness blur and become indistinct. Establishing a systematic language composed of certain fixed absolutes and certain variable entities.

And in case if you want to view these mind-boggling specimens in real-time, you can surely catch the exhibition currently showcased at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York City.

The Denuded Lens_Roxy Paine_3

The Denuded Lens_Roxy Paine_4The Denuded Lens_Roxy Paine_2

The Denuded Lens_Roxy Paine_5

The Denuded Lens_Roxy Paine

Via: Neatorama

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