The force is certainly strong with Moon Hoon studio’s “Star Wars House”

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Previously, the Star Wars-inspired Sandcrawler HQ bamboozled us with its sheer imposing scale. But this time around, the huge scale makes way for utter whimsicality with the Moon Hoon studio’s “Star Wars House”. The South Korean architectural firm is known for its wacky creations, and in this scenario the designers have used their eccentric expertise to notch it up on the science fiction level. The result is a residence that just about alludes to the Star Wars universe with its patently inclined facades, Star Destroyer-esque form and a general sense of futurism.

Standing tall on an expansive grassy site, the profile of the Star Wars House contrasts with the conservative suburban layout of the surrounding neighborhood. This was perhaps an intentional ploy from the architects, in a bid to bring more focus to their incredible creation. This essence of wackiness is aptly complemented by the angular planes of the elevation, the horizontally banded windows and the utilization of a wooden deck that (presumably) offers some accessing advantages.

Moon Hoon_Star Wars House_2

However, once we go inside the house, the outlandish Star Wars-inspired futurism gives way to some degree of practicality, with the ground and the first floors accounting for traditional user-oriented spaces. Still the top-most floor preserves the sci-fi flavor with a ‘secret’ open play room that can be inconspicuously accessed  from a shelving system – influenced by the “control room for the future Darth Vader or a Jedi.”

All of these spatial denominations are collectively served by a central atrium that doubles up as a natural light inducting vertical area. In other words, the Star Wars House is designed as a specimen with fantabulous form yet low footprint, a potent combination that certainly makes it a smart and fun piece of residential architecture.

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Via: Curbed

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