Scientists finally examine the 770 lbs giant squid, which is claimed to be as huge as a mini-bus!

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Yesterday was a crucial day for many a scientist and marine-life aficionado from around the world. After almost eight months in its frozen state, the famous giant squid captured in the region of Antarctica’s secluded Ross Sea, was finally thawed to facilitate progressive scientific studies. And, for those who are still scratching their heads, it is no regular giant squid – but a humongous 350 kg (770 lbs) giant squid that has been described as being big as a large vehicle!


The researchers at Te Papa labs (in Wellington, New Zealand) have been able to identify the monstrous creature’s female gender, along with the dimensions of its eight long arms, each of which account for at least 3.3 ft. Furthermore, its dual tentacles might have reached the 7 ft mark, but unfortunately they were already damaged before the momentous haul.


In any case, the scientists still perceive this catch as ‘spectacular’, especially since the elusive giant squids have nigh made their way into popularly imaginative fables that dabble with legendary sea monsters and their ilk. In fact, Kat Bolstad, one of the scientists examining the squid, had already made her speculation that the legends of Krakens might have emerged from such gargantuan specimens – who battled it out with other massive sea creatures like whales.

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And finally, as for the study itself, the researchers are looking forth to find our more about the marine-based food chain and where the giant squids figure in that scope. They will also try to shed some light on the genetic differences between variant squid types, along with their life-cycle and dietary patterns. And, in case you still need to scratch your itch for fabled monsters, do take a gander at our article ‘10 mythical monsters you may not have known about‘.

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Check the video that documents the examination of this ‘huge’ giant squid –

Via: DailyMail

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