The 132 ft deep ‘Y-40 The Deep Joy’ is currently the world’s deepest swimming pool!

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Earlier, we had talked about the world’s best hidden swimming pool. But Hotel Terme Millepini, located in the stunning Italian town of Montegrotto Terme, takes the honor for the world’s deepest swimming pool, called ‘Y-40 The Deep Joy’. Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, this newly-constructed pool boasts a maximum depth of 40 meters, a figure that is currently a world record.

The motivation behind the project, according to Boaretto, who is also the manager of the four-star hotel, was to build “the best swimming pool in the world”, devoted mainly to recreational and professional-level diving activities. The Y-40 pool measures up to 21 x 18 meters ( 4,100 sq ft) in dimensions, and is filled with 4300 cubic meters of temperature-controlled spa water.

The thermal water, maintained carefully at a temperature range of 32 to 34 Celsius, ensures that the pool can be enjoyed by the guests all year round. This innovatively-designed swimming pool supports a long list of underwater activities, including scuba diving, water aerobics and other forms of aqua fitness training, free diving, hydro-kinesiatrics and even aquatic exercises for pregnant women. The colossal pool is also available to professional photographers and producers for conducting underwater photo shoots.

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With regards to the objectives of the project, Boaretto says:

Y-40 is unique in its field thanks to the spa water, which cannot be outsourced. We want to open up new medium and long term work prospects to try and guarantee prosperity, not only for my company but also for the surrounding land and society.

To learn more about the Y-40 swimming pool and its various attractions, visit its official website.

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Y40 The Deep Joy_swimming pool

Check the video of the deep pool, with swimmers in action –

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