Vladan Filipovic’s epic series of polygonal art with Star Wars characters

Polygonal art_Star Wars_6

Polygonal art takes the epic route with the Vladan Filipovic’s series of exalted Star Wars character depictions. On closer inspection, we can make out the mutliple polygons that make up each visage, with the individual geometric shapes proudly flaunting their variant hues and shades.

The Paris-based artist/graphic designer has utilized what is generally known as the digital low poly technique. This art procedure takes the advantage of each polygon (with its unique color and shade) which combines with other triangular shapes to endow an impressive finish to the resultant portrait. The dramatic effect of the artworks are rather accentuated by the powerful backdrop that offers a striking poise to the famous visages in front of it.

Polygonal art_Star Wars_1

However, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the artworks would arguably pertain to the famous phrases associated with each character. Darth Vader gravely utters – “Don’t underestimate the Force”, while Boba Fett menacingly makes it known – “You’re no good to me dead!”.

Polygonal art_Star Wars_2

Polygonal art_Star Wars_3

Polygonal art_Star Wars_4

Polygonal art_Star Wars_5

Polygonal art_Star Wars

Check out more of Filipovic’s works in his online portfolio.

Via: MyModernMet

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