Casa Ladera – The ‘Baroque Fantasia’ that will set you back by $23 million

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Ostentatious, intricate and a tad gaudy? Well, these adjectives may pretty much define the eclectic Casa Ladera, but they don’t even begin to describe the grandiosely built 10,136 sq ft Spanish Colonial residence. Located in a 3-acre estate in Pebble Beach, California; the ‘in your face’ decor of the Robert D. Farquhar-designed house mainly comprises of a myriad of vibrantly hued wallpapers, kaleidoscopic artwork, opulent upholstery and antique furnishings – most of them being arranged under the directions of avant garde interior designer Juan Pablo Molyneux.

The ‘antiquity’ of the decor items extends to multi-national avenues, with 100-year old Iranian carpets, 18th century Chinese wooden cabinets and even 17th century French mirrors; and all of them are complemented by the conspicuously blue-tiled Portuguese-influenced walls dotting the hallways and the dining room. The ritzy pedigree continues inside the bathrooms (a total of eight) with their oak, gray onyx and marble paneled sections; while the bedrooms (a total of five) and their adjacent courtyards offer breathtaking views of the proximate ocean.

Casa Ladera_Baroque Fantasia

And, as they say – magnificence (how much brazen it may be) never comes cheap. To that end, the Californian Casa Ladera comes with a mind-boggling price tag of $23 million. And, in case you are interested (or at least your imaginative rich self is), the real estate listing makes it clear –

Featured in Architectural Digest in August, the eclectic mix of styles related to its 1920’s heritage. No attention to detail or expense has been spared. Owning this iconic estate is like owning a piece of history at its best.

Casa Ladera_Baroque Fantasia_1

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