Artist Robin Tarbet creates a ‘sculptural metropolis’ from stacked circuit boards

Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_4

Technology, trash and urbanscape – these three elements (or rather ‘products’ of modern-day advancement) are the crucial pillars of artist Robin Tarbet’s incredible installation “A Temporary State To Fall Or Rise Again”. In allusion to these contemporary avenues, the sculptural metropolis comprises of circuit boards stacked atop each other to replicate the utilitarian structures of high-rises and apartments in big cities.

Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_4

The circuits boards are arranged and connected with the help of spacers. Only the identical boards are used for the stacking, which sort of hints at their meta levels of organization and function inside working computer units. And for those boards that do not match, the components are laid out in an horizontal manner on the floor to start out a new ‘building’. The variant heights of these circuit board stacks aptly mimic the skyline of modern cities – thus endowing the audience with an intangible sense of familiarity.

The in-room sculptural metropolis was exhibited as a part of the ‘Cities Of Ash’ series till 13th September, at the g39.

Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_1 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_2 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_3 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_4 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_6 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_7 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_8 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_9 Robin Tarbet_sculptural metropolis_10

Check more of the artist’s work at his online homepage.

Via: Neatorama

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