6 fantabulous buildings inspired by the Star Wars

4) Hotel Full Moon by Heerim Architects –

Hotel Full Moon_Heerim Architects

A planned futuristic building in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Hotel Full Moon will actually comprise of two structures with a collective disc connecting the imposing forms. The end result will appear markedly different from variant viewing angles, with the front perspective being similar to that of the Death Star. However, the scope is not only about the fantastical Star Wars chicness; the Hotel Full Moon will proudly vaunt its impressive spatial credentials with an astronomical 1,127,676 sq ft (or 104,182 sq m) of area that will account for just 382 rooms. The dual structure will also rise to a height of 520 ft (or 159 m) that will be divided among 35 floors.


5) RAK Convention and Exhibition Center by OMA –

RAK Convention and Exhibition Center_OMA

Another brainchild of architect Rem Koolhaas (famous for his earlier mentioned Casa da Música), the RAK Convention and Exhibition Center is envisaged for the new city of Ras Al Khaimah in UAE. The entire structure will be constructed from spherical glass and steel reinforcement, while the globular form will directly rest on the ground level. In terms of structure, there will also be an elongated rectangular building on the rear side of the Arabian ‘Death Star’ – and together the installations will comprise of a host of user-oriented spaces like the main convention center, hotel rooms, apartment units, office units and even dedicated retail areas.


6) Star Wars House by Moon Hoon studio –


A combo of Death Star-like panels, Star Destroyer-esque facades and a general senses of futurism – this in a nutshell defines the aptly named Star Wars House by South Korean firm Moon Hoon studio. Standing out from the familiarity of a suburban setting, the essence of wackiness is complemented by the angular planes of the elevation, the horizontally banded windows and the utilization of a wooden deck. These unique yet low impact modifications are accompanied by ‘secret’ play room on the top floor that can be inconspicuously accessed from a shelving system – influenced by the “control room for the future Darth Vader or a Jedi.


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