Cherry Tree House: A stunning bird’s nest-shaped willow sculpture by London-based artist Tom Hare

Cherry Tree House_Tom Hare

London-based artist Tom Hare’s expertise lies in crafting stunning sculptures, made from intricately woven willow. A teacher of basketry, furniture-building and modern-day willow work, Tom believes in designs that establish a connection with nature, while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. 

For quite some time, Hare and his friend Zoe Lathbury have been discussing the potential uses of the withering cherry tree present at Zoe’s back garden. That is, until one fine day when Zoe and her family were pleasantly surprised to see an incredibly beautiful spherical willow structure adorning the dying tree.

Aptly named the Cherry Tree House, this ingeniously-crafted sculpture is fashioned entirely out of carefully woven willow, such that it resembles a giant bird’s nest. The extremely organic shape of the artwork fuses harmoniously with a highly modern design. At night, the Cherry Tree House is brightened by means of yellow light bulbs, making it all the more magical and dream-like. The subtle play of light and shadow, highlighting the minute details of the willow nest, creates an enchanting picture that looks straight out of a fairy tale.

Cherry Tree House_Tom Hare_1

He says:

The whole process of producing willow sculpture is very grounding…The willow has its own character with evocative qualities. The smell, the texture, the way it moves… Through time an understanding of this develops, which together with a bundle of patience, are all woven into the final creation.

Cherry Tree House_Tom Hare_3

Cherry Tree House_Tom Hare_2

Cherry Tree House_Tom Hare

To know more about the artist and his creations, check his official website.

Via: Inhabitat

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