OTI Lumionics designs the world’s first consumer-ready OLED light fixture called Aerelight

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The first light-emitting diode (LED) was developed back in 1927. It took several decades, since then, for the first commercial LED lighting to be successfully launched in October 1962 and a few more years before it was available at a price that common people could afford. Although LED today has a variety of applications, ranging from LED lamps, automotive headlights, traffic and aviation lights to LED backlights for LCD displays, a better and more improved alternative is already underway. Based on the LED technology, OLED or organic light-emitting diode is claimed to be highly efficient and truly everlasting. What is more, designers at Toronto-based OTI Lumionics have created the very first commercially available OLED desk lamp called Aerelight!

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OLED lighting involves the use of an electroluminescent layer of organic semiconductor to generate light. It comprises of a thin film, built using carbon-based organic dye, that is placed between two electrodes.

What is unique about this technology is that these organic molecules emit bright natural light, when energized by means of electrical current passed through them. It is because of this property that OLEDs last pretty much forever, thereby doing away with the chore of replacing older bulbs once every few years. Unlike the intense point source of light, as in case of traditional LED lamps, the OLED offers a more subdued ambient lighting. Formed in 2011 by a skilled group of engineers and scientists from the University of Toronto’s Department of Materials Science & Engineering, OTI Lumionics has been working diligently for the last several years to make the OLED technology more consumer-ready. The end result is an advanced, energy-efficient lighting solution in the form of the Aerelight desk lamp. The touch-controlled Aerelight comes equipped with a host of interesting features, including powerful built-in OLED panel, that offers a maximum illumination of 1000 lux and a dimmer switch that allows the user to alter the brightness according to his/her preference.

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Additionally, it boasts of incredible energy-saving and eco-friendly credentials, and is claimed to be more efficient than conventional LED lighting systems. The lamp sports a sleek, modern body, constructed using anodized aluminium, with a stunning wood veneer base that doubles as a wireless, induction charger for your mobile devices. Co-founder Michael G. Helander said:

OLED technology has been limited to only high-end smart-phone displays and TVs. OLED has many unique characteristics that make it the ideal light source of the future, but potential growth has been stifled by the high manufacturing cost barrier… For the last few years, we have been working on making OLED technology more accessible to new markets and product applications. The aerelight desk lamp is built to accentuate the unique and ultra-thin profile of OLED lighting, and is the first of many applications of this technology from our team.

Talking about the innovative Aerelight OLED lamp, lead project designer Ray Kwa said:

With traditional light sources, the bulb is a distinct separate entity from the fixture. With Aerelight, I wanted to create a seamless, continuous frame integrating the base, frame and light, synonymous to the OLED light source itself with emits a diffused, fluid soft light. The touch activation is a feature that not only makes the interface simple and clean but allows the user to have a more intimate interface with the product. It’s also just plain cool.

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The Aerelight is significant in other ways as well. The successful incorporation of OLED technology in lamps, indeed, opens up a range of future possibilities, including smart OLED-integrated luminescent walls and ceilings!

Interested buyers can head over to the official website of Aerelight, where the product can be pre-ordered for a price of $239.

Aerelight_OLED_light fixture

Check the video to see the Aerelight in action –

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