Christ and Zombies? Yes, ‘Silent Night of the Living Dead’ makes that possible!

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It is not often that we relate the serene affair of the Nativity with those blood curdling, pop media invading zombies. But as they say – geeky creativity knows no bounds. Londoner Paul Nell and his OddCo Ltd have brought the gore to the religious scene, and the results are not pretty (as intended). However, as usual, some heroes have emerged from the episode, with Joseph showing his machismo in handling a boisterous samurai blade, and Mary exhibiting her expertise in shooting from a crossbow – while both are impressively defending baby Jesus.

The entire ‘sanguine’ spectacle involves 9 resin figures, with each being 10 cm (around 4-inches) in height. The Magi of the East seemed to have got some special murderous attention with one even toying with his own head. On the other side, the shepherd has already starting eating his own flock of sheep, while his ‘adorable’ zombie donkey sits by his feet.

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As for the commercial side of affairs, the Silent Night of the Living Dead set is currently going through its Kickstarter campaign, with a set goal of £4,500 or $7,380 (in which £1,772 has already been pledged during the time of our writing). So, in case your zombie-loving side is really interested, the individual pledges for the whole set starts from $50.

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Check the ‘gory’ video to sate your bloodthirsty side –

Via: Geekologie

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