Plastic Classics by Jane Perkins, features classic paintings tastefully redone with plastic junk!

It is was during her last year at the Somerset College of Arts and Technology that UK-based artist Jane Perkins fell in love with recycled art, so much so that her final year thesis, which won her a first-class degree, was entitled “Art and Design from Recycled Materials”. Since her graduation in 2006, Perkins has been creating one masterpiece after another, using old, used and often unspectacular everyday items.

Recycled art(also known as, repurposed art) involves the creative upcycling of commonly-found objects of daily life into something that is truly artistic. One such example is the Plastic Classics collection by Perkins. What started back in 2008 as an amateur attempt to recreate iconic artworks through the use of found materials, soon turned into an outstanding art collection that is currently being hailed by buyers across the globe.

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She started working on the project in 2010, with the intention of re-interpreting classical portraits and photographs, by adding contemporary and somewhat-unusual twists to each of them. In Plastic Classics, Perkins completely forgoes colors, pencils and painting accessories of all kinds. Instead, her creations involve the highly skillful and artistic incorporation of readily-found plastic materials such as small toys, beads, shells, buttons, old jewelry and curtain hooks, sourced mostly from charity shops and local boot sales, on to the original art piece. These items are glued onto the actual picture with the help of dilute PVA adhesive.

In this collection, Perkins has redone several paintings by older artists (along with famous photographs), including Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh . Her creations have been displayed in galleries around the world and have even been sold in Singapore, London and New York.

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To learn more about the artist and her works, visit her personal blog.

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