Behold the ‘free’ cabin hotel at a height 8300 ft, built with the aid of helicopters

Foronon Buinz Mountain_cabin hotel

A tragedy finally leading to ‘innovative’ remembrance – this cabin hotel is built by the family of mountaineer Luca Vuerich, who died in 2010 when trying to climb an ice-fall at Prisojinik. Built along the edge of Italy’s Foronon Buinz Mountain, which rises to over 8,300 ft over sea level, the free-of-charge accommodation establishment can only be reached if you are into rigorous hiking and climbing. The result of this painstaking journey would be presumably pleasant, with the secluded cabin boasting of commanding views of the surrounding peaks of the Julian Alps.

The perched structure with its conspicuous A-frame facades was designed by Italian architect Giovanni Pescamosca. And if you thought the building was a time-taking endeavor by virtue of its odd location – you will be astonished. That is because the entire cabin was assembled in a single day by 12 people (including Vuerich’s family members and mountain rescue volunteers) by using just 30 panels! These panels were measured and cut by computer-aided applications, while they were transported to the elevated site with the help of helicopters.

Foronon Buinz Mountain_cabin hotel_1

As for the spatial capacity of the 8,300 ft cabin hotel, the building can snugly hold up to 9 people. And interestingly, even during the harsh winters when the structure gets buried in the snow, the south-facing door accounts for the crucial access point. This is because its orientation is conceived in such a strategic manner so that the rays of the sun can directly melt the layers of obtrusive snow.

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Foronon Buinz Mountain_cabin hotel

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Image Credits: Caters News Agency

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