A Belgian brewery to construct a 3-km long pipeline to carry beer!

De Halve Maan brewery_beer pipeline

The De Halve Maan brewery in Bruges has been concocting our favorite poison since 1564 AD. And, now the more than 500-year old, award-winning brewery is all set to make another landmark, albeit in a quirky manner. The establishment recently had its plans successfully passed by the city council to construct actual pipelines to carry beer! And, no – it is not a gimmick. According to the company, the glorious pipeline will connect the ole brewery with one of its bottling plants outside the city limits, thus ingeniously saving transportation costs that are usually involved with delivery trucks.

To be constructed from polyethylene, the pipeline will cover a distance of 1.8-mile, which is significantly less than the 3-mile route of tankers. In essence, the pipeline will have the capacity to deliver 6,000 liters of frothing, warm, award-winning beer every hour, every day!

Interestingly, we do not know anything about how the brewery is going to protect its prime property from alcohol-craving zombies people. So yes, the question lingers in the air – who will stop the desperate part of you, who might be into drilling some small holes in the pipe during the middle of the night?!

De Halve Maan brewery_beer pipeline_1

Via: Geekologie

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