Daniele Lago’s ‘Air collection’ of furniture exhibits the illusion of levitation

Daniele Lago_Air collection_4

Ethereal and magical – this pretty much sums up the aptly christened ‘Air collection’ of home furniture from Daniele Lago. As we can comprehend from the items, it is the element of levitation that seems to be the driving theme behind the entire system. And, this enchantingly airy scope is achieved with the use of glass supports that coalesce with the background to bring forth the optical illusion of levitation.

Interestingly, beyond the Air collection’s ‘suspended’ credentials, the furniture system is envisaged as a modular setup which can be customized by the user. To that end, one can change the cushions, backs and even remove the arms of the sofa and the chair.

Daniele Lago_Air collection

However, the ‘piece de resistance’ of this design ambit obviously pertains to the seemingly fragile glass panels that would presumably support the weight of people sitting atop the furniture items. Now, plastic-fiber components would have related to a more practical choice, but glass facades do account for scratch-free surfaces that are integral to the very essence of transparency needed for the illusion.

In fact, this is what the designer had to say about the glass supports –

The glass legs contribute to transforming the upholstery into something extremely aerial, giving further lightness to the environment where it is placed.

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Daniele Lago_Air collection_4

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Source: AnimaDomus

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