Solar Hourglass: An incredible landmark that will also serve as a clean electricity generator

Solar Hourglass_Copenhagen_5

Finesse and feasibility – the Solar Hourglass is surely a bold proposal envisioned by Argentinian designer Santiago Muros Cortés. The conceptual structure flaunts its two inverted tapering-components that are connected through a svelte ‘neck’ at the middle. This entire installation (to be designed in Copenhagen) will use heliostat mirrors to magnify the effect of natural sunlight, and the resultant solar heat can be stored in a form of clean yet concentrated energy. This green scope of renewable solar power can be further utilized for generating electricity for up to 860 Danish households.

In essence, the Solar Hourglass is envisaged as a credible part of the capital city’s green tech infrastructure. However, its effect will not just be limited to the production of electricity. The Solar Hourglass will also serve as an imposing specimen for enticing potential tourists, and as such its location has been proposed to be in close proximity to the iconic Little Mermaid statue.

Solar Hourglass_Copenhagen_3

And, even beyond the scale of the project, the unique embodiment of the installation alludes to inspiration. This optimistic state of affairs underlines a crucial direction – only our present actions can improve out settled environment, thus paving the way for a low-impact, sustainable future.

In tune with both these practical and symbolic aspects, the innovative Solar Hourglass concept was chosen as the winning entry for 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative, a global design competition held in the very city of Copenhagen. As for the commercial scheme of things, we can only keep our fingers crossed for the project to see the actual light of the day.

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Solar Hourglass_Copenhagen

Via: MyModernMet

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