Emoi’s Smart Lamp Speaker is a speaker, a lamp, a speakerphone and an alarm, all rolled into one!


In the past, we have come across some really interesting Kickstarter campaigns. Remember the Frankenstein-inspired Franken Edison Light or the zombified ‘Silent Night of the Living Dead’ nativity set? Well this time around, we have for you a highly intuitive Smart Lamp Speaker, with a host of wonderful features that you will surely fall in love with.

Smart-lamp-speaker-by-emoi-4Designed by China-based company Emoi, this beautiful crystal ball-shaped gadget is indeed much more than just a speaker. In an attempt to create a technologically-advanced product that transcends all boundaries, the innovators at Emoi have crafted a device that acts as a speaker, a lamp, an alarm clock and even a speakerphone! The insulated surface of the speaker is made of soft, eco-friendly silicone, which is in fact touch-sensitive. This means that, most of its functions can be controlled by a simple touch of hand.

Smart-lamp-speaker-by-emoi-5The Smart Lamp Speaker offers 360-degree distortion-free audio experience, with distinct high and low frequency sounds. It is based on passive radiator technology, which ensures better and clearer projections of deep bass sounds, of up to 90DB. Being Bluetooth-enabled, the speaker allows users to play music via smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, notebooks and so on. What is more, it can automatically reconnect with the last six devices that have been used.

Smart-lamp-speaker-by-emoi-2Need a bedside lamp? No worries, just lightly tap the surface of the speaker to turn on a bright light with color temperature range of 2800-3000K. Unlike the harsh glow of the commonly available lamps, Emoi’s Smart Lamp Speaker emanates warm natural lighting, much like that of the dawn and the dusk. The device comes with three levels of brightness, which can be set by simply tapping the silicone surface at a 45° angle.

Smart-lamp-speaker-by-emoi-3A built-in microphone and a superior voice clarification system offer amazing speakerphone experience. Controlled via phone or on/off button, it reduces background noises and offers distortion-free sound projection. What is more, it actually doubles as an alarm clock! All the features of the Smart Lamp Speaker can be accessed by means of the Emoi App. Simply install the application, on your smartphone, to wirelessly regulate the various functions. The app allows the user to play music, switch the light on and off, alter the level of brightness and even, set the alarm.

The lightweight design makes the device portable, such that it can be used inside the house, in the office and even outdoors. It is fitted with a rechargeable battery, that can be fully charged in 2.5 to 4 hours. It supports 12 hours of continuous light, 8 hours of music and 3.5 hours of both music and lighting.

Smart-lamp-speaker-by-emoi-6Available in colors of white and green, the Smart Lamp Speaker is currently up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Although the retail price is $100, early bird customers can get the product at a discounted amount of $79. Upon successful completion of the campaign, the company will likely start shipping the speakers by November this year.

To learn more about the product, watch the following video:

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