Birra Spalmabile: The world’s very first beer spread, available for retail!

A beer-version of nutella?! Yes, that seems to be the inspiration behind the ‘Birra Spalmabile’, the world’s very first spreadable beer! Taking the air out of a flurry of judgments that would have come your way (if you gulped down regular beer every morning), the breakfast spread does things smooth and easy by just being daubed on your bread or crepe.

Birra Spalmabile_Beer_spread

So, what exactly is the Birra Spalmabile concocted from? Well, according to its ingenious creators (chocolatier Pietro Napoleone and Alta Quota brewery), the spread comprises of just 40 percent beer that is gleefully concentrated inside a 280 g capacity jar. The ‘righteous’ process was achieved with some chemical tinkering – by which they managed to concentrate the brewery’s Omid dark ale and Greta blond ale, and then transform the composite into a rich, creamy consistency.

As a matter of fact, the company offers two types of the beer spread – one with a lighter and velvety texture that your wife would like you to have, and the other with a stronger and more profound flavor that your friends would like you to have. In any case, you turn out to be the winner, since we are talking about consuming BEER as breakfast.

Birra Spalmabile_Beer_spread_1

The creators of the magnificent product, are already touting their breakthrough – as Claudio Lorenzini, from Alta Quota brewery, has said –

This is not the first time in Italy and in Europe that someone has tried to make a non-liquid beer, but the experiments carried out have not been successful because the combination of ingredients was not a winner. We believe that we have found the right formula with the use of high-quality products. For us this is the future.

And lastly, for the more gastronomically evolved among us, the mighty beer spread can also be taken with various other culinary items – ranging from accompaniments for cheese and hors d’oeuvres to fillings inside cakes and tarts. In other words, Viva la Birra Spalmabile!

Birra Spalmabile_Beer_spread_2

Buy –  $51.

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