Jordan Mang-osan creates incredible art with help of sun rays and a magnifying glass!

Jordan Mang-osan_pyrography

Months ago, we harped about Nicolas Delort’s artworks that were created by etching ink off black canvases (i.e., reverse painting). Well, this time around, another ingenious artist by the name of Jordan Mang-osan, flaunts his personalized technique which entails the utilization of sun’s rays to create magnificent compositions of landscapes and scenery.

Technically, a form of pyrography (the art of embellishing with burn marks), the artworks are done on a variety of mediums – including regular canvases, handmade papers and even wooden facades. Mang-osan, who hails from Cordilleras in Philippines, is inspired by his native province’s backdrops, that entail terraced rice fields, hills and the related flora and fauna specific to the region. In essence, the drawings pertain to vernacular art, which can be comprehended from their unique yet enticing visual flairs.

Jordan Mang-osan_pyrography_2

The artist also seems to have a conscientious side to himself. Beyond enchanting specimens of pyrography, Mang-osan had helped in the founding of the Tam -Awan art village, a cultural community in the midst of Baguio City, in the northern part of Luzon island, Philippines.

Jordan Mang-osan_pyrography_1 Jordan Mang-osan_pyrography_4

Jordan Mang-osan_pyrography_3 Jordan Mang-osan_pyrography_5

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