Pumpkinsteins: Spooky Halloween-special pumpkins shaped like the face of Frankenstein’s monster!


Previously, we’ve come across artificially molded pears, shaped like tiny human babies. This time around, however, we have something a bit more sinister, all for your pleasure. Come Halloween, and you can surprise your friends and family with pumpkins, that resemble the face of Frankenstein’s monster!

For the last four years, California-based Tony Dighera, of Ventura County’s Cinagro Farms, has been working on his pet project, i.e. creating the perfect Frankenstein‘s monster face molds. His very first commercially successful harvest, this year, has proved to be immensely profitable. So far he has sold 5,500 of these monstrous pumpkins, at $75 apiece! The idea for these spooky “pumpkinsteins” came to him when he first saw square watermelons in Japan.

For the coming year, Tony plans to use his entire farm for growing as many as 30,000-40,000 of the molded pumpkins, including some white pumpkins shaped like the human skull. Now ain’t these the perfect start to your Halloween celebrations? Taking about his creation, Dighera said:

It’s got kind of a smile on its face so kids aren’t scared away from it.


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Via: CBC.ca Radio

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