Star Wars-model replicas’ images to tickle your fanboyish fancy

Star Wars-original_model_replica

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) did create some magic of craftsmanship back in the day when the ‘good’ Star Wars movies were being released. The model building process and the superb end-results are pictorially captured in around 140 photographs dating from the years of 1977 to 1983. And interestingly enough, the small-scale Star Wars-model also show the crucial influence of lighting when capturing special effects, given how the perfect scope and angle of illumination can gloriously transform a mere plastic contrivance into a realistic space war-machine.

Star Wars-original_model_replica_1 Star Wars-original_model_replica_2 Star Wars-original_model_replica_3 Star Wars-original_model_replica_4 Star Wars-original_model_replica_5 Star Wars-original_model_replica_6 Star Wars-original_model_replica_7 Star Wars-original_model_replica_8 Star Wars-original_model_replica_9 Star Wars-original_model_replica_10 Star Wars-original_model_replica_11 Star Wars-original_model_replica_12 Star Wars-original_model_replica_13 Star Wars-original_model_replica_14 Star Wars-original_model_replica_15 Star Wars-original_model_replica_16

In case you are wondering, the Industrial Light & Magic studio was acquired by Disney in 2012, when the mega cartoon-making corporation took over the whole of Lucasfilm. As for the entire photo set, do take a gander at this Imgur Gallery.

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