Halloween Special: 10 biggest fictional monsters from our pop culture!

5) Slattern from ‘Pacific Rim’ (Height – 392 ft or 120 m) –


The largest and most robust of the kaijus depicted in Pacific Rim, the humongous Slattern is the only Category V monster shown be encountered by humanity. Its massive physical proportions are equally matched by impressive mental capacities and baleful toxic effects – which easily makes it the most dangerous of all the kaijus from the other dimension. As the alpha-specimen among its brethren, the Slattern displays its aberrant physical characteristics that are demonstrated by its three triple-crowned tails that can be used for attacks requiring long range, and a horned projection along its chest region that is used for melee piercing attacks. As a closing note, we should also mention that the Slattern is claimed to be larger (around 596 ft tall) in its wiki page, with a weight of 6,750 tons.

4) Kraken from ‘Clash of Titans 2010’ (Height – 415 ft or 127 m) –


In terms of mythology, the Kraken (presumably inspired by giant squids) was depicted as a legendary sea monster of the Norse seas that dwelt off the coast of Norway. However, the marine-based beast had made its way into the realm of Greek myths with the original Clash of the Titans released in 1981. The 2010 version of the re-made movie revamped the physicality of the monster by adding an ominous gaping maw filled with an array of sharp teeth-like projections. This combined with its tentacles, surely made the creature a worthy adversary to the hero Perseus – who finally had to slay it by using Medusa’s ‘magic’ head that turned it into a behemothic stone.

3) Emperor Battle Titans from ‘Warhammer 40K’ (Height – 492 ft or 150 m) –


The Emperor Battle Titans from the Warhammer 40K universe are depicted as the ultimate war-machines that the humans can bring forth in the futuristic battlefields. Touted to come with pre-installed advanced weapon systems like Inferno Cannons and Vulcan Mega Bolters, the imposing robotic machines have the boisterous capacity to house an entire company of Imperial Guard troops in their legs! However, beyond physical size, there is more to these war-machines – and that is driven home by the fact that these hulking specimens are also venerated as icons of worship by the Imperial Cult Mechanicus. Such religious overtones are depicted by ornate cathedral-like fortifications along their upper-bodies, which house a host of pilots and drivers who deftly maneuver the towering machines as ‘holy relics’.

2) The Reaper Destroyer from ‘Mass Effect’ (Height – 525 ft or 160 m) –


As per Mass Effect’s timeline, the first Reaper Destroyers make their appearance in 2186 AD, and they account for the majority of the Reaper fleet portrayed in the video game. Still, in spite of their space faring credentials, the Destroyers are not exactly spaceships; rather they can termed as highly-advanced robotic machines that fuse both synthetic and organic matter (as do all other Reapers). To that end, a Reaper Destroyer is constructed from an array of harvested species who collectively lend their intelligence and acumen to the meta robotic organism. These aspects allude to a hunting ambit – which is used for tactical dominance over a particular landscape of a planet, as opposed to large-scale paramountcy over entire planet systems (a tendency shown by their bigger brethren – the 2 km long Reaper Capital Ships). And, in case the ME fans are interested, the famous Tresher Maw accounts for a length of around 300 ft or 90 m.

1) Sando Aqua Monster from ‘Star Wars’ (Length – 650 ft or 198 m) –


Described as the largest carnivorous aquatic mammal in planet of Naboo, this original monster from the Star Wars universe leads the race of walloping, fabled, fictional specimens from the realm of popular culture. Specified as having 650 ft of total body length (along with a weight of astronomical 54,000 tons), the male Sando overshadows the ocean-dwelling Kraken by a whopping 235 ft, which is more than the total height of Smaug! And, as should be the gravitas projected from such a prodigiously big creature, the sightings of the Aqua Monster are rare – with its name being spoken in hushed tones by the denizens of a galaxy far, far away.

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Image Credit: Will Roberts

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  1. Well, this site kind of got it wrong: A Reaper Destroyer from Mass Effect is only a few hundred feet tall, but a Sovereign Reaper and Harbinger Reaper are both over 6,500 feet tall (2000 meters).

  2. Harbinger Reaper and Sovereign Reaper from Mass Effect are both over 6,500 feet (2000 meters) tall. Harbinger is more massive. A Reaper Destroyer is a couple of hundred feet. So, yeah, Harbinger from Mass Effect is more than twice as big as a Space Slug, Giant Thranta, or a Colossus Wasp.

  3. Yeah, not sure where this site it getting its info on a Reaper from Mass Effect, but Reapers are 2000+ feet tall, making them larger than all of them. In terms of organic life, either Kalros from Mass Effect or King Gidorah would be larger than all of them.

  4. Benjamin Dietzel | March 11, 2016 at 1:51 pm |

    This list should have the sandworms from Dune. Those things were 450 METERS long.

    • Hank Murphy | April 3, 2016 at 3:24 am |

      Thinking the same thing. They also left out the giant space worm from Empire Strikes Back. Of course, the biggest fictional monster was the massive single cell space creature from Star Trek.

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