Japan-based UAo architects design Science Hills Komatsu, a Hobbit-style science museum!

Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_3

The city of Komatsu, in the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa, is a major industrial center with a special focus on manufacturing. Paying tribute to the city’s rich heritage is Science Hills Komatsu, a newly-constructed science museum that seems to have come right out of Tolkien’s Middle-earth!

Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_7

Constructed at a defunct factory site of one of Japan’s leading construction and mining equipment manufacturing company, the architectural marvel looks like a modern rendition of the quintessential Hobbit House. Designed by Japan-based Urban Architecture Office(UAo), the four-story complex consists of several gently rolling wave-like structures, that in turn house the museum’s 3D dome theater, a regional industrial promotion annex, an observational science learning center and an advanced incubation center.

Sticking to the initial brief, which called for a structure that sits harmoniously in the midst of the surrounding low-rise buildings, the architects have built a Hobbit-style complex with smoothly-curving rooftop lawns. These roof gardens lend a more public park look to the entire premises, while at the same time adding better insulation.

Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_5 Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_4 Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_9 Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_10 Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_6

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Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_3

Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_2 Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_1 Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_11 Science Hills Komatsu_UaO_12

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