Mayans meet Master Chief in this sublime Halo lithograph


Sure to give Erich von Däniken a pleasant mental spin, the superbly created lithograph places Master Chief And Arbiter inside the frame of Mayan art. Photo captured from an original painting which was done in acrylic paint on a wood panel, the vibrant graphical layout is effectively printed on a gloss cover poster paper for your gawking pleasure.


So, if you are interested in procuring this marvelous piece of art, do give a gander at Etsy shop Retro Nerd Studio’s online profile. Their portfolio also contains other video game imagery, including ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Metroid’ inspired lithographs. And, if you just want view them from the privacy of your computer, take a look this Imgur link where the original images were posted.

Zelda_mayan_art Metroid_mayan_art

Via: Kotaku

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