South Korea’s Leaning House gloriously points towards the sun and the horizon

Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea

‘Form follows function’ – the old architectural adage coined by Louis Sullivan, still holds true in our contemporary state of affairs. The dictum is made evident by PRAUD architects’ design of the Leaning House – a two storied private residence along the Chungpyong Lake in South Korea, that is oriented along a conspicuous angle. This groovy gradient supposedly follows the sun and the horizon at the scenic landscape’s end; thus in essence circumventing the visual obstacles of natural boundaries like trees, outgrowths and hills.

In other words, what might seem gimmicky at the first instance, is actually contrived in favor of practicality. To that end, the ‘slope’ of the rectangular block elevates the view of the inhabitants inside the building. This dramatic structural overture is further accentuated with the use of diagonally textured zinc-cladding endows the building with a glistening, dynamic flair.

Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea_1

Beyond visual essence, the whimsical-looking arrangement allows for extra floor space that is perfect for potential guests who will visit the location with its verdant mountaintops. And more than just spatial efficiency, the cantilevered inclination (facing south) also creates a snugly shaded terrace underneath the projection, while accounting for a balcony alongside the upper floored master-bedroom. Such self-complementing aspects are bolstered by the contrasting white paint used inside the Leaning House – in effect, upholding the bright and jovial side of affairs.

Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea_2 Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea_3 Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea_5 Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea_6 Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea_7 Leaning House_PRAUD_South_Korea_8

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Via: Dornob

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