British company designs electric chainsaw-fitted ‘zombie-proof bicycle’, in time for Halloween!

Zombie-proof bicycle_1

Ditch your swanky cars and instead, choose the new ‘zombie-proof bicycle’, this Halloween. Designed by British cycle insurance company ETA, this bad-ass bike comes equipped with an electric chainsaw, a smoke grenade and even a hatchet: all the things needed to survive among the undead!

Released just in time for Halloween, the bicycle is the perfect choice while commuting to work or going out for grocery shopping. What is more, its specially-engineered zombie-proof features come in handy when traveling through zombie-infested spots. Bikes are noiseless, and therefore do not attract unwanted attention.

Zombie-proof bicycle_2Furthermore, the cycle is carefully fitted with a slew of zombie-fighting weapons, including an electric chainsaw, a hatchet, a flamethrower, a smoke grenade and most importantly, a splatter shield. Talking about the unusual product, the ETA spokesperson said:

Mercifully, cyclists don’t yet have to deal with zombies on the roads, but inattentive drivers can come close. Our cycle insurance policy safeguards against the perils cyclists face today, but we are always looking ahead.

Zombie-proof bicycle_1And when the zombie apocalypse finally hits, the ensuing oil shortage will leave bicycles as the only viable means of transport. Till that happens, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

To learn more about the ‘zombie-proof bicycle’, visit ETA’s official website or watch the following video:

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