Dangerous Popsicles: A collection of vibrantly colored ice pops that are, in truth, purely evil!


Popsicles are an important part of everybody’s childhood. From waiting for the ice cream truck after school to spending summer weekends quarreling with siblings over the last one, these delicious frozen treats unleash the floodgates of nostalgia, taking you back to the days when life was simple. Designer Wei Li, however, has turned the simple, and usually benign, ice pop into something shockingly malevolent and evil.


Dangerous Popsicles is a collection of vibrantly colored ice lollies, with shapes like that of cacti and a variety of life-threatening viruses. To create these bizarre summer treats, Wei Li first models and prints their shapes by means of Objet Connex 500 3D-printer. These newly-generated shapes are then utilized to construct silicon molds, with two or four components. The freeze pops, basically mixtures of sugar, water and edible food coloring, are finally formed with the help of these molds.

So if you’ve ever wondered what a cactus, or even a fatal virus, tastes like, now’s your chance. Talking about the project, the Stanford graduate said:

Dangerous Popsicles create a unique sensory experience. Before tasting with your tongue, you first taste with your eyes and mind. The popsicles are nothing but water and sugar, but ideas of deadly viruses and the spikiness of cacti are enough to stimulate your senses, even before your first taste.

Dangerous_Popsicles_3 Dangerous_Popsicles_4 Dangerous_Popsicles_5 Dangerous_Popsicles_6 Dangerous_Popsicles_7 Dangerous_Popsicles_8 Dangerous_Popsicles_9


Dangerous Popsicles from Bold or Italic on Vimeo.

To know more about the artist and her creations, check her official website.

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