Lakecrest Residence: Stunning Canadian house offers breath-taking panoramic views of surrounding landscape

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One of the most impressive properties, currently listed for sale, in the Canadian housing market is the Lakecrest Residence. Located in Whistler, this stunning lakeside house sits nestled among the majestic Coast Mountains of British Columbia. The house is designed such that it effortlessly fuses the pleasures of modern architecture with the breath-taking natural landscape.

Lakecrest Residence_2Constructed by Squamish-based Aka Architecture + Design firm, this huge 5000-sq. ft. estate is lined  on all sides by dense coniferous forest and rugged mountainous terrain. It is situated atop a rocky cliff, which in turn offer a spectacular panoramic view of the lake in front. The architects seamlessly integrated the rough, jagged topography into the planning of the house, in order to ensure that the magnificent natural sights are easily accessible from each and every room.

Lakecrest Residence_3The various living areas of the residence, including the dining room, the kitchen and the bedrooms, are patterned along a circulatory spine, that culminates at the Great Room leading to the outside. The family rooms are present in a different wing, pointing towards a more private and secluded part of the estate. The design of the house allows each of the rooms to overlook the lake and the mountains on the opposite side.Lakecrest Residence_4To learn more about the architects, check the firm’s official website.

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