10 of the biggest open-world video games released in terms of map size

5) Just Cause 2 (400 sq miles or 1,036 sq km) –


Everything seems to be ‘Utopian’ with Just Cause 2 – starting from its fluid gameplay, vertical action with grapple hooks, gleefully destructive ambit, and the most important factor of all – the massively open-world of Panau, a fictional island nation presumably located somewhere in Southeast Asia. Avalanche Studios did many things right to improve this game over its predecessor, and it surely did work out for the developers – with Just Cause 2 accounting for more than 6 million sales. And, the best part is – we might just see the third iteration of the series somewhere around the corner, given the developers’ passion in pursuing the project and Square Enix’s (who were the distributors) interest in continuing the series.

4) Asheron’s Call (500 sq miles or 1,295 sq km) –


Sometimes claimed as the third major MMORPG to be released in the realm of video games, Asheron’s Call from 1999 was also among the first games to adopt 3D ‘seamless’ environments for a fantasy setting. Considering all these pioneering features, the game-world of Asheron’s Call ditched the usual fantasy tropes of elves, dwarfs and orcs; and instead, developer Turbine Entertainment opted for their indigenous factions and their capabilities. However, the most impressive part about the role playing game is that its servers are still on and running after 14 long years of the initial release (for comparisons sake, World of Warcraft with its 80 sq miles world, is just 10 years old).

3) Test Drive Unlimited (618 sq miles or 1,600 sq km) –


The ninth main installment from the long running Test Drive series, Test Drive Unlimited does give some weight to the ‘unlimited’ suffix in its name. That is because this open-world arcade-style racing game from 2006 features over 125 licensed sports cars and motorbikes – all of which can raced with, on an expansive map that is half the size of Rhode Island. Interestingly, the terrain of this open-world setting is modeled after the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu, and this intricate virtual rendering (created with the help of real-time satellite images) supposedly features over 1,000 roads and highways – grandiosely connecting rain forests, mountains and the paradisiacal sandy beaches of Honolulu. As expected, the reception to the game was positive, with its current 82 Metascore and enviable average user-score of 8.

2) Fuel (5,560 sq miles or 14,440 sq km) –


While Test Drive Unlimited accounted for half of Rhode Island’s area, the Fuel open-world racing game developed by Asobo Studios (and published by Codemasters) from 2009, is equal to the FULL area of Connecticut. In fact, the Fuel still holds the Guinness World Record for the largest console game in terms of playable area, with a breathtaking 5,560 sq miles of open-world. Oddly enough, the setting was ‘set’ on a post-apocalyptic world, with dynamic weather effects and accelerated day-night cycle. Unfortunately, the sheer size didn’t make for epic gameplay, with criticisms mainly directed at the game’s clumsy racing mechanics and AI, bundled with the unfulfilled reward system pertaining to the various unlocked areas.

1) Guild Wars Nightfall (15,000 sq miles or 38,850 sq km) –


All the coasts, mountains and ancient cities of the Nightfall (a standalone expansion for Guild Wars) are washed with a tinge of African and Arabian influences. Anyhow, cultural and folkloric inspirations aside, the game boasts of a whopping 15,000 sq miles of open-world that is almost double the size of countries like Israel! And this time around, bigger actually meant better, with the Nightfall gaining the attentions of critics and players alike – mostly for its open-ended nature along with adept instancing and excellent script-writing. When translated to figures – the expansion flaunts its solid Metascore of 84 and a notable user score of 8.6.

Honorable Mentions –


1) According to Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall covers around a whopping 161,600 sq km, or 62,394 sq miles – though the map is randomly generated. Anyway for comparison’s sake, Skyrim is just around 16 to 20 sq miles!

2) The Lord of the Rings Online  developed by Turbine, Inc. (who have a penchant for creating vast game worlds, as seen in the case of Asheron’s Call) in 2007, is touted to be 30,000 sq miles (or 77,700 sq km) in size. Though there is some confusion about it being the pre-rendered size of the map. Interestingly, an article in New York Times gives the figure of the LoTRO map at around 50 million sq m or 50 sq km.

3) On the other hand, the procedurally-generated Minecraft is theoretically claimed to be infinite in size, while practically it MIGHT account for 8-times the size of Earth.

  • AFriendlyOne

    So… Daggerall

  • Jackalope Animations


  • Jackalope Animations

    oh boy were you wrong lmao, wow I can’t believe the hype for that game has gone on for 2 years..

    • DarkMarmot

      HA yea it was a vaporware dream out of the gate, ALTHOUGH I did buy it when it went on sale, and then Foundation Update happened and I kinda love it now.

  • Joseph Michael

    A lot of mention of space exploration games here, but I get the idea that while the coordinates might actually match our galaxy (if relevant), the planets themselves are probably randomly generated unless they were developed for regular quests or a gigantic constantly moving story-line.

  • MikeShatter


  • HappyGuy

    Is MS Flight Simulator considered a game?

  • Miya Jheale

    well, since they included SWG’s space zones in there… i’d like to point out that if space is included into this, then EVE would beat the hell out of them all (except for an infinite minecraft-cant beat infinity)

  • Officer Jaco

    i smoke weed

  • Space engineers

  • keaton Abernathy

    Actually, there is just a giant blue barrier now.

  • Fjorg Vanderplög

    1/4 of Eastern Europe would be around 1 million – 1.2 million square kilometers
    (no idea what that is in miles).
    That’s the size of Norway, Sweden and Finland combined!
    And those are not exactly your typical small European countries
    (which in general are about 50.000 something square kilometers).
    That’s pretty fucking big actually.
    Travelling from Northern Norway to Southern Sweden by train takes 17+ hours.
    Flying takes almost 3 hours.

  • Fjorg Vanderplög

    1900 square miles / 2000 something square kilometeres.
    Around 40 times GTA V or… 1/5 of Luxembourg.
    Now Luxembourg is really just a rich city state and hardly a country, but still…

  • Fjorg Vanderplög

    Pffft! You can play flight simulators in Google Earth as well.
    That’s also the entire world!

  • david95

    Eve Online, half the universe.

  • zacky

    oh yeah!!!!

  • Zach

    Like others have said, racing maps shouldn’t be on here, however, games where yo can drive still should be.

  • Zach

    Yea, if you see a distant star, you can go there… which is awesome.

    • WCM

      But all the “Planet sized planets” We have seen so far have been between 8km-15km in size…

    • Jackalope Animations

      not really lol

  • Zach

    Who the hell walked that?

  • Zach

    I someday want a clonewars game where i can go anywhere in the Star Wars universe, and if No Man’s Sky is successful, then it can be done. Also, does anyone know when battlefront is going to be, say around 20-25 bucks? I recently took it back to get the division, since the splitscreen wasn’t what i wanted.

  • Zach

    They might say it doesn’t count, since i think it generates as you go… however, it is all ‘there’ not like minecraft, so yea, No Man’s Sky SHOULD be the biggest map of a game yet. I someday want a clonewars game where i can go anywhere in the Star Wars universe, and if No Man’s Sky is successful, then it can be done.

  • Dustin Wallace

    So let me get this straight…#1 isn’t the game with the biggest square miles or it’d be Elder Scrolls 2…Why make a list if you can’t even put the top one at the actual top….shit list…

  • Astrodicle


  • Astrodicle

    WHY THE FUCK IS NO ONE MENTIONING ARENA!? It easily bests all the other installments

  • Astrodicle

    TES: Arena still wins!!!!!!! 6,000,000 square kilometers!!!

  • Astrodicle

    The real question is-where is Arena?

  • Astrodicle

    He also missed Elder Scrolls Arena. It easily beats the #1. 6 million square kilometers.

    Not bad for a game that old.

  • Astrodicle

    Idiots. The Elder Scrolls Arena has the largest map. It easily bests all other games in terms of size. It’s just other than size and story, it isn’t too good.
    “Traveling to a nearby town could take up as much as ten hours in real time. Traveling to another province, several DAYS.” In real life time.

    “The actual game-world is substantially larger than Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim together. The game utilizes randomly generated content to generate a massive world (around 6 million square kilometers), without much effort on the developers’ part. The world has hundreds of towns made with actual design, rather than being random, containing businesses with random names (Examples being “Gold Sword” “Silver Gauntlet” etc.) As well as several hundred dungeons, along with 17 specially designed dungeons that were part of the game’s main quest.”

    • keaton Abernathy

      Minecraft is literally about 8 times the size of the planet we live on.

    • Officer Jaco

      The game utilizes randomly generated content to generate a massive world. you said
      it also said in the article that they wont count RANDOMLY GENERATED WORLDS, thats why minecraft and similar stuff isn’t there

  • Andreas Sonntag

    Actually, the racing games should be in a totally different category because you can’t on every point of the map, as you can’t leave your car and the roads

  • William Taylor

    Yep, 18 quintillion life size and bigger planets!

  • Skarn22

    It’s probably like 5 sq miles

  • iCracker

    Elite Dangerous has the biggest map I think. Never tried it by myself, but but someone says, it takes about 50 days in real life to travel from side to side if you play about nine hours a day.

  • Epic Eric

    burnout paradise has 200 miles of road, its map is not 200 square miles. It definitely isnt 5 times gta 5’s map, or half of just cause 2’s map. It’s map is probably around 20-40 square miles

  • Dr.solid

    minecrafts biggest generated world is 10 times the zize of earth

    • Lorenzo Re

      “No Man’s Sky” has the whole universe to explore

    • Kyle Reece

      Minecraft does not have a specific size, it is randomly generated.

      • jarre

        minecraft has a specific size, but if you almost reach it you get teleported to the other side it is 4,722,366,482,869,645 km2

  • wa

    Minecraft? Not really, it just randomly generates new world as you go further, except for the parts of world you already went on.

    • Robert Austad

      Its big as Neptunus

  • Scorpid

    Currently Elite Dangerous has the biggest open playable space in video game history. Once No Man’s Sky hits the market it will hold this spot.

  • ahsen

    well know what

    Minecraft is the largest

    • wa

      It randomly generates land as you go further

  • Entropic

    Skyrim is quite small

  • Entropic

    What about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It has at least 30 planets. Or Rodina, which has five full scale planets and thousands of asteroids

  • MrsGrzybek

    Space Engineers is bigger, it has size of Solar System.

  • Av Praneeth

    The Crewwwww!!!!

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