Daniel Gestoso’s Bromelia Table harvests energy contained in bacteria and water!


In the past, we have talked about terraformed furniture, with unique green pockets planted with mosses and other smaller plants. But the Bromelia Table, crafted by Spanish designer Dan Gestoso Rivers, is a completely self-sustainable furniture system in itself. Apart from acting as a planter for your home-grown shrubs, this innovative coffee table produces its very own electricity from the water contained in the planting area.

The Bromelia Table, also called the Microbial Fuel Cell(MFC), generates power by means of complex bio-electrochemical processes, involving real bacteria. The system harvests energy on the basis of the microorganisms present in the water, of the planter, and their specific interaction with nature. While the total amount of energy produced is indeed quite less, whatever little is generated, can be stored in a battery, to be later used for charging various mobile devices via the six available USB ports.

Additionally, the coffee table is provided with transparent solar panels, located along its glass surface, that act as backup systems. These advanced panels generate enough power needed to charge small electronic gadgets such as smartphones, digital cameras and tablets, in case the MFC technology fails to do so. Apart from its highly impressive eco-friendly credentials, the Bromelia Table boasts of an extremely modern and elegant design. The stunning leaf-like shape, of the table, is complemented beautifully by the polished wooden body and glossy glass top.

Bromelia-Table_2 Bromelia-Table_3




Via: Home Harmonizing

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