Love dinosaurs? The $100,000 life-size replica of Stan, a T-Rex, is just the thing for you!


Running out of ideas of how to decorate your living room? How about a full-size replica of a T-Rex dinosaur in any pose you like? Well that is exactly what the Black Hills Institute Museum is offering, that too for only $100,000. Intrigued? Read on to know more…

These bizarre replicas are actually modeled after Stan, one of the largest and most complete male Tyrannosaurus rex specimens in the entire world. Discovered by paleontologist Stan Sacrison back in 1987, this dinosaur fossil was originally found along the banks of a prehistoric stream, in South Dakota’s Hell Creek Formation.

Later in 1992, the museum took over the excavation work, and recovered a total of 199 bones. The skeleton, measuring up to 15-feet in height and 40-feet in width, is currently on display at the Black Hills Institute Museum. The South Dakota-based museum is also known for crafting full-size replicas of Stan, with the help of resin and strengthened steel support segments drilled into the “bones” of the prehistoric creature. As many as 30 such models have been sold worldwide, including one that now sits inside the University of Manchester’s museum. What is more, the museum will also send a team of highly trained professionals to assemble the dinosaur skeleton in whichever posture you want. And $100,000 for a life-size dinosaur indeed seems quite the bargain, isn’t it?



For those who cannot afford an entire skeleton, Hammacher Schlemmer offers a 5-foot replica of Stan’s head for just $9,800.

Interested buyers can head over to BHI’s official website.

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  1. I would love one, especially when I was a kid. I made a replica skull of a smaller T-rex. Sold it on ebay.

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