Mercedes Vision G-Code’s advanced paint can generate both solar and wind power!


It is not often that we talk about the car paint’s generating clean energy – but that is exactly what is brought forth by the novel scope of Mercedes Vision G-Code’s paint job (designed by Mercedes’ Advanced Design Studio in Beijing). The hydrogen-powered concept car is finished with a coat of ‘multi-voltaic silver’ paint – that has the wondrously rare capacity to produce ‘green’ power from both solar and wind sources.


So how exactly does it work? Well, in essence, the paint sort of functions like a spray-on solar cell design, with its ability to absorb direct sunlight and transmit the resultant energy on to the car’s internal power system. This solar-powered ambit is complemented by the paint material’s aptitude to be charged electrostatically – either from natural wind conditions when the automobile is stationary, or from the dynamic wind flow when the car is in motion. Moreover, the power-generation scope is boosted by Vision G-Code’s regenerative braking system that recovers energy from the motional attributes of the suspension for harvesting extra electricity.

The green technology systems are equally bolstered by other advanced set-ups that would make the Mercedes Vision G-Code a driver’s paradise. To that end, the smartphone-activated automobile will boast of three different driving modes – with options of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and a variable all-wheel mechanism. The smooth driving features are accompanied by handy navigational attributes that will comprise of infra-red scanner, GPS and radar systems. The driver-assisting aspects are further polished with a dedicated HUD along the dashboard that will exhibit real-time rear camera feeds captured in 3D, and a retractable steering wheel that folds like a butterfly when not in use.


Lastly, the engineers from Mercedes’ Advanced Design Studio have also touched upon the oft-ignored but crucial factor of user comfort. In that regard, the snugly-crafted seats will have built-in heating and cooling mechanisms, along with health-monitoring and massage functions. And, if that was not enough – the Mercedes Vision G-Code will additionally vaunt its state-of-the-art air conditioning system that has ‘self-cleaning’ advantages.


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Check the video below to watch the Mercedes Vision G-Code in action –

Via: Autoblog

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