BMW plans to convert existing LED street lights into charging units for electric vehicles

BMW_Light and Charge_Streetlight_EV_1

While Mercedes has just showcased their advanced paint tech that can harvest both solar and wind power, BMW is dabbling with a more practically, collective solution for their electric vehicles. The company has recently unveiled their working prototypes that entail the use of lamp posts as nifty charging systems. This can certainly work around the complexity (and frustration) of finding one of those ever-elusive dedicated EV charging stations.

Christened as the ‘Light and Charge’ street lights, the setup combines a conventional a LED street light with the automaker’s indigenous tech used in ChargeNow recharging stations. The result is the seamless transition of an existing infrastructural unit into a usable charging system for EVs. The other practical advantage, according to the company, will encompass the collective usage of these charging units, irrespective of both the drivers using such streetlights and even the car models that are being charged.

BMW has jumped right into the commercial state of affairs, with two ‘Light and Charge’ street lights already installed in close proximity of its headquarters. And, the catch in the scope is – drivers can only use these charging units by making payment via a mobile app network. Still, if successfully implemented, the charging ambit can surely work as a wholesome fix for those issues of range anxiety, thus aiding in the overall popularity of low-emission electric vehicles.


Source: Reuters

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