Dave Pollot’s pop cultural additions endow thrift shop paintings with the hip factor

Months ago, we harped about David Irvine’s ingenious paintings that incorporated pop-cultural references inside older artworks. It seems artist Dave Pollot also believes in the similar dictum of adding pop culture hipness to already scenic jobs, as is evident from the nifty ‘refurbishing’ of these thrift store paintings.

The additions cover a wide spectrum of your favorite tropes and icons from the realm of geekdom, ranging from the USS Enterprise, Godzilla to Tardis and the ‘homely’ Wonder Woman. And, the best part is – you can enjoy these works of art in a more ‘intimate’ fashion by actually buying them from Pollot’s Etsy shop.

Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_1 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_2 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_3 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_4 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_5 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_6 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_7 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_8 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_9 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_10 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_11 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_12 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_13 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_14 Dave Pollot_pop cultural_painting_15

Via: io9

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