TKEZ-designed Onefootball office boasts of football tracks and turfs inside the building


In case you didn’t know, the German based Onefootball is responsible for creating the world’s most used football (or soccer) app that supposedly has a user base of more than 14 million people. Given such boastful credentials, the company decided to match up its office design with the ‘heroic feat’ that it has achieved in the virtual realm of mobile devices. The responsibility of the thematic project was given to Munich-based TKEZ studio, and architects have transformed a 1,400 sq m (15,000 sq ft) space inside a former factory into a football-esque office/wonderland with artificial tracks and turfs running through the circulation areas.

The revamped spatial scope has a unique L-shaped plan with a capacity of catering to 90 employees. As for the interior replication of a football field, the track starts from a central position that is basically the access point to the entire office via an elevator. This green-and-white path is flanked on either sides by various open-desk setups, while the two ends of the track are finally demarcated by goal posts that the work people can use for playing during recesses.


The track is playfully complemented by the AstroTurf like installations within rooms (that are otherwise segregated with ceiling-high glazing), and on the wall behind a curvaceous reception desk. These artificial grasses however make their definitive visual show inside the collective meeting room of Onefootball that is designed like an arena with tiered seats along the perimeter edges.

The essence of avant-garde modernism is also dabbled with, by the aesthetics of white-hued walls, exposed concrete columns and a brickwork expanse that accounts for a significant section of the dining room/kitchen. Even these contemporary elements are accompanied by football tropes – like the depiction of match tactics diagram being arranged along the dining room floor, the use of cabinets that look like player-lockers, and finally some foosball tables being arranged inside the cafeteria.

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Via: Dezeen

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