Survival Condos: $3 million underground habitation units constructed from missile silos


The ambit may seem dramatic to some – installations that were once built for housing weapons of destruction can now constructively house people. But beyond waxing poetic, the Survival Condo resort might just serve as a testament to resourcefulness and applied technology on the part of the builders, given the robust aspects of the habitation. To that end, these network of condos are arranged inside former Atlas missile silos, and as such these massive depots were designed to even withstand direct nuclear strike scenarios.

For those who had missed out on the arms-race history of the Cold War from the earlier century, the SM-65 Atlas from 1959 was the first ever ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) developed by the United States, and its warhead was a whopping hundred-times more powerful than the atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945. In consideration of such boisterous attributes, the Atlas silos were built with reinforced materials and segments – that boasts of 9 ft thick concrete walls, and a special dome at the ground level that can mitigate winds of up to 500 mph (800 km/hr).


But these structural aspects were tailored for the safekeeping of the inanimate missiles. The designers of the Survival Condos took things further to supplement the scope of human habitation inside the vertical subterranean cavities. To that end, each collective shelter (with capacity for 70 people) has its own back-up electricity sources and water supply with a huge 75,000 gallon capacity reserve tank. These essential components are accompanied by advanced filtration systems (that can shield against radiation and even biological agents), on-site medical facility and food-growing setups that include hydroponic installations.

These indispensable amenities are complemented by the comfort factors of the living scope. These lifestyle-oriented spatial zones comprise of a swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, library, and even a movie theater flanked by retail space. On the other hand, the condos are also served by dedicated communication hubs that offer internet connectivity.

And finally, as for the habitable units themselves, each subterranean condo (with a capacity for 10 people) comes self-furnished with LED lighting, stainless steel appliances, 50-inch television, home automation systems, and perhaps the most important of all – faux windows that simulate the environment of conventional outdoors. And in case, if some of us are wondering about the ‘reality’ of these seemingly futuristic dwelling units, the first Survival Condo was already completed in 2012, and the second is in pipeline for a 2016 debut. Of course, high-end safety doesn’t come without price – which translates to $3 million for each condo unit with full floor plan.

Survival_Condos_11 Survival_Condos_12

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For more information, you can check out the builder’s home site.

Via: Gizmag

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