Chevy’s Chaparral 2X Vision to be ‘laser powered’; but is fueled by our imagination

Chevy_Chaparral 2X Vision_Gran_Turismo_18

Recent history is witness to the range of racing technologies developed as fruits of collaboration between Chevrolet and Chaparral Racing. Some of these seemingly futuristic advancements pertain to composite monocoque chassis designs and robust power-trains made from lightweight alloys. However, this time around, the partners have taken the path of indulgence and style statement in favor of practicality – and the boisterous result is the Chaparral 2X Vision, a  highly conceptual racer that is ‘imaginatively’ powered by lasers.

On closer inspection, one would notice the extended components at the corners of the car’s body (above the wheels) sort of replicating the outstretched posture of a driver. This according to the designers is no mere coincidence, as the Chaparral 2X Vision GT is envisaged as an automobile that will be raced by a person in his prone position (with belly downwards, and limbs stretched). And if that was not futuristic enough, the sleek racer will totally forego the need for an instrument panel. Instead, the control interface will be fed directly to the HUD of the driver’s helmet.

Chevy_Chaparral 2X Vision_Gran_Turismo

But what really notches it up to the science-fiction level is the fancied power-train of the 2X. Apparently inspired by the conceptual laser propulsion systems in space technology (see this article), the racer has a ‘photon system’ incorporated in its mid-section, which in turn is connected to a lithium ion battery. In terms of simulated numbers and scenarios, the 671-kW laser helps in delivering beams of light that create shock waves to generate robust magnitudes of thrust.

Now, many of us might exercise our eyebrows and ask – why such specific figures? Well, that is because you can experience many exhilarating sessions of racing in the 2X, albeit in the virtual world. All set to make its debut in the next downloadable update of Gran Turismo 6, the svelte racer can savagely jump to a top speed 240 mph (386 km/h) and sweet acceleration of 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in just 1.5 seconds – all powered by 900 hp of laser thrust. And, in case you are still enticed by the ‘real’ stuff, you can catch the conceptual racer at the ongoing LA Auto Show.

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Via: Autoblog

Image Credits: Chevrolet

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