Ra Paulette has hand-carved these intricately bedecked caves, with his ‘labor’ of love spanning 10 years

Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette

Yes, hand-carved! What may seem like an advanced engineering endeavor of some lost civilization, is actually the decade-old art project envisioned by Ra Paulette. These deep, enchanting chambers painstaking are cut into the sandstone mesas of New Mexico, and the ‘cavities’ were entirely achieved with the aid of just rudimentary hand tools. And, as if the hard labor of digging was not enough, our resourceful artist has gone on to spruce up the undulating walls of the caves with organic motifs as well as ornamental patterns.

Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_2

Interestingly, Paulette started out with his expertise in digging caves as a part of a commissioned project. But the weather-beaten, raw charm of the mesas had enticed him enough to stay on; and as a result, the artist started to work on his own by single-handedly embarking on an ambitious 10-year old art project. The nigh heroic endeavor has produced quite a few labyrinthine caverns that are enchanting and awe-inspiring at the same time – with the hard labors of love being affectionately called the the ‘dance of digging’ by the artist himself.

In any case, the true allure of these hand-carved cavernous halls is bolstered by the tepid rays of sunlight that make their way through various nooks and crannies. This natural (and ethereal) scope of illumination does aid in creating a rare fusion of wonderment and peace – which is in tune with Paulette’s attempt to foster ‘spiritual, renewal and personal well being’.

Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_1 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_3 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_4 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_5 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_6 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_7 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_8 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_9 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_10 Hand-Carved_Caves_Ra Paulette_11

Source: Ra Paulette / Via: DesignBoom

Image Credits: KaroffFilms

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