Peter Straub’s gray scale 3D renderings of famous pop cultures screams ingenuity

Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_1

It is not often that we talk about popular culture and classical sculpture in the same sentence. However, artist-extraordinaire Peter Straub makes that unique fusion possible with his ingeniously made 3D renderings of pop culture characters in all glorious gray scale. The dramatic elegance of their design details stand out in this manner – be it the intricate braids of Thorin Oakenshield or the odd Endor costume worn by Luke Skywalker!

popular culture and classical sculpture

And, in case you are still interested in ‘ole throwbacks’ with a pop cultural twist, take a gander at these superheroes in their 16th century get up.

Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_1 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_2 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_3 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_4 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_5 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_6 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_7 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_8 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_9 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_10 Peter Straub_3D renderings_pop-culture_11

You can check out more of Straub’s groovy works in his online portfolio at CG Society.

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