A gander at 5 advanced man-made structures in Antarctica, the realm of ‘science-fiction’

4) Jang Bogo (by Space Group / Hyundai Engineering and Construction) –

Jang Bogo Station_1

South Korea’s massive 4,000 sq m (43,000 sq ft) Jang Bogo Station in Terra Nova Bay, is one of the largest permanent facilities on the icy continent. The station commenced with its scientific and exploration operations in 2014, with its capacity of holding more than 60 people during summer time. These occupants presumably inhabit a unique looking plan with triple-arm design that is tailored to providing improved resistance to the unforgiving elements of Antarctica.

Jang Bogo Station_2

5) Iceberg Living Station (by David Garcia / MAP Architects) –

Iceberg Living Station_3

Arguably the most ‘fantastical’ of all the facilities mentioned here, the Iceberg Living Station is still in its conceptual stage. The grand scheme pertaining to the construction of this base will entail holing out an ice-berg with the help of caterpillar excavators. In essence, the entire facility will be built from ice (which replicates a complicated igloo), thus negating the burdensome requirement for transporting conventional building materials to the site. However, the station will be temporary in nature, with the ice shell melting after an extended period of seven to ten years.

Iceberg Living Station_1 Iceberg Living Station_2

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Source: ArtsCatalyst

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