Photos provide rare glimpses into late 18th century Paris, before the invention of photographs!

Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo

Assassin’s Creed Unity may have received a lot of flak and brickbats due to its host of bugs on release; but one thing remains certain – the game is a beast when it comes to sheer graphical fidelity. But beyond just pretty graphics, the game also does an impressive job of portraying the authentic version of the Paris layout during the momentous years of the revolution. And, if one needs proof – Damien Hypolite has provides many, with his ingeniously done mash-up of real-time Paris photos and HD screenshots from the Ubisoft game.

Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_1

His nifty little project entailed the printing of the HD screenshots from the game environment, mostly marking the views that showcased famous landmarks like the Panthéon. Then he traveled to this famed neighborhoods in his bike, and snapped some photos on his smartphone. The fascinating results you see here are the combinations of these real, contemporary cityscapes of Paris and the ‘ole’ quarters of the city virtually portrayed in the open-world video game.

This is what Damien Hypolite, had to say (to PetaPixel) about his project –

The idea came to me because I’m used to doing before and after comparison between shots in my work. Usually the comparison is interactive and between pictures of the same place before and after a disaster for example. The realism of the game and the quality of the reproduction of Paris’ architecture convinced me to do it!

Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_2 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_3 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_4 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_5 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_6 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_7 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_8 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_9 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_10 Damien Hypolite_Assassins_Creed_Photo_11

Via: PetaPixel

Image Credits: Damien Hypolite

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