Artist Lizabeth Eva Rossof’s Xi’an-America Warriors: A terracotta army of popular cartoon characters


California-based artist Lizabeth Eva Rossof has taken the familiar cartoon characters that children across the world know and love, and turned them into something spectacular. Her creations include a collection of incredibly realistic terracotta sculptures similar to the iconic Terracotta Army discovered in the Chinese city of Xi’an. Only the sculptures,called the “Xi’an-America Warriors”, feature cartoon characters standing in somber pose.

Xian-america-warriors-02In an attempt to reinterpret the famous “Terracotta Warriors” of China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang, along pop culture lines, the artist hired a local sculptor to authentically recreate the figures of the soldiers. The series includes General Mickey standing  with Spider Man and Batman beside him, looking slightly comical. Then there is Emperor Shrek in his royal robe, with his right hand raised in blessing, and General Bart. According to her website:

Lizabeth playfully explores the concerns of American media’s global influence, and China’s industry of counterfeiting the copyrighted properties held by said media in her presentation of  Xi’an-America Warriors.

The entire collection is priced at $8,700, while the individual sculptures are available for starting price of $1600. Interested buyers can head over to Lizabeth Eva Rossof’s website.









Via: My Modern Met

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