Behold the fluorescent lollipops – made with sugar and spice and everything ‘science’!

Fluorescent lollipops

Confectioner Verde Matcha starts off by describing how the lollipop might had been accidentally conceived when a random guy tried to get hold of some honey with a stick. While this hypothesis seems plausible enough, the confectioner is also onto something that is surely more conspicuous. The visually glorious result entails the tantalizingly glowing lollipops that playfully mix and match candies and science.

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These fluorescent lollipops contain all the essential ingredients that one finds in regular candies, like sugar, water, corn syrup, lemon juice, and vanilla pods. However, this time around, the water used for the concoctions was of the tonic variety. Why so? Well, because tonic water contains an essential substance called quinine which imparts the glorious blue luminescence of the lollipops when placed under a UV light source. In essence, this entails the phenomenon of true fluorescence which allows specific components to absorb energy and re-emit the magnitude as light under a visible spectrum (with a specific wavelength).

Now, in case you are worried about the health effect this so-called quinine, Verde Matcha has made it clear that quinine is completely edible and more importantly safe. As a matter fact, this crystalline alkaloid is historically the first known effective Western treatment for malaria – and as such, the wonder substance made its medical debut way back in the 17th century. Furthermore, according to World Health Organization, quinine belongs to the exclusive list of the most important medications needed in a rudimentary health system.

You can try out the recipe by yourself, by following this link.

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Fluorescent lollipops

Source: VerdeMatcha

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